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How I React When... SMITE!

…I lose to someone playing the same God as you


…I manage to steal the Golf Fury while killing the enemies


…my team starts to troll since the God selection screen


…someone tries to steal my mid-camp


Hey, guys! 
How about a Joust 3x3 right now? Just for fun! 
You can find our match in the custom:

Match Name: How I React When Smite
Password: zeus
We play in the NA servers!

Let us know if you want to join in the comments on Facebook (here’s the post url > http://goo.gl/zKN6Gz) or send a message via Tumblr, please. :)


…accepting the queue in the last second.

…just farming my minions

…people tell me to get off of Smite and go talk to a girl.

…I forget to invite someone for the party after a DC.

…I see an underlevel jungler trying to gank me.

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